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Satsang is a spiritual discourse, discourse on truth (sat – truth, sang – setting, conversation). Also, satsang is one of the crucial parts of spiritual practice or sadhana, which consists of the whole set of practices.

During satsang, the Teacher passes spiritual knowledge to disciples. Satsang is understood and easily comprehended by anyone, would it be a new person, a practicing disciple or an enlightened soul. The words Teacher speaks during the satsang and the power he spreads make a strong impact on the people, cleaning them and the subtle atmosphere. A pure state of mind will help the received knowledge to unfold and you will better receive, accept and apply the knowledge in your life.



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26-28 December in Vilnius Centre of Spiritual Culture "Shri Prakash Dham"
The programme includes events such as Dipavali Festival, satsang, several days of individual meetings, as well as two evenings of guided meditation.
9 July, approximate start 8.45 London time