"What Helps to Achieve God"

Spiritual Conversation: the Teacher Shri Prakash Ji with the disciple Eduard Filimonov

What is God?

– I will answer this question as I see it. God is the greatest Strength, which has Its presence in every particle of this Universe. This strength is inside each of us and in everything that surrounds us; and any of our actions is the work of God’s strength inside us. This strength gives a man life. Every breath and heartbeat is the God’s gift.

Is it possible to achieve God, and if so, then in what way?

– Yes, one can achieve God; He is in each of us. If there is true love and strong belief, a man can see God in his heart. You only need to cleanse yourself; always work over yourself, over your shortcomings. When the heart becomes clean, true love will appear in it. And only with the help of it (this true love) one can get to know God.

In fact man’s heart is always clean, but the mind of a man, his impure thoughts make it dirty. One constantly need to cleanse his mind, and when mind gets pure, it settles down; and when mind is calm, true love appears in a heart, and then one can perceive God, to see His light.

The way to God becomes easier if you have in your life:

1. Spiritual Teacher.

2. Regular sadhana (spiritual practice), chanting the name of God.

3. Bhakti – true love, devotion full of belief.

4. Satsang (sat means true, sang – surroundings) – such surroundings, where they speak of God, of the truth.

5. The true service – when every his action a man performs as the service to God.

– You just spoke about the Spiritual Teacher (Sadguru). What is Sadguru necessary for and is He necessary for every person?

– I want to tell you first that the Sadguru is also the manifestation of the strength of great God, which is always beside a man and always helps mankind in that or other image.

God created the Universe and through the Sadguru’s strength He gives Knowledge to people. A man achieves material and spiritual perfection with the help of this Knowledge. God created trees, but the strength of the Guru gave a man Knowledge that he can build houses, make furniture and many other things from trees. God created many minerals inside the earth, but it was the strength of the Sadguru, that gave the knowledge about how to transform them into useful energy and to apply to different spheres of human life. In early times a man went on foot, but when he saw animals, he understood he could ride them; later he invented trains and aircraft – the strength of the Guru gave this knowledge.

Let us have a look at our life.

Being born we can neither eat, nor bathe or take care of ourselves independently. Our mother does everything for us. This is the strength of the Guru that helps us from the moment of birth in mother’s image. Mother teachers us everything – to walk, to eat, to put our clothes on; and she also gives us the first lesson of belief - that she and dad are our parents. Mother rears and teaches us good traits; lovingly and sometimes strictly she explains to us how to live correctly.

Having grown up we go to school; school teachers appear in our life. They teach us different subjects, give us knowledge. Then we enter some higher educational institution and new tutors proceed teaching us further. They give more profound knowledge on subjects that help us to find worthy job in future.

The role of a spiritual Teacher in life is very important: he teaches us how to become a Man, gives us spiritual knowledge with the help of which we advance the way of a spiritual perfection; he teaches us love, kindness and good sanskars (traits). There come the periods in our life when we do not know what to do; we cannot make correct decision. At this time a wise suggestion of the true spiritual Teacher may be useful. And the most important that every man needs and without which life is impossible is the true love. And such unselfish true love may be given only by the true Man.

When a man lives a correct mode of life, it is easier for him to move to God. Eventually, the main goal of our life is to cognize ourselves. When a man cognizes himself, he then cognizes God. And the one who cognized God can in the true sense love another man. I think the Sadguru is necessary in every man’s life, but in order to find the true Sadguru there must be great mercy of God.

– What could you wish to the whole world?

– I would like to say that all the problems in man’s life are due to anxiety of his mind, and it occurs because a man has immersed into material world to such an extent that he has gone away too far from God. A man living a worldly life ought to do real progress, but at this he should not forget God and spirituality. And then the world will become wonderful.

All my life is devoted to the service of mankind. And I will inspire to go to God everyone whom I will meet, or who will come to me.



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