Biography of Shri Prakash Ji

Shri Gurudev Shri Prakash Ji

Shri Prakash Ji was born in Patna, the capital of the Indian state of Bihar, - one of the most ancient cities of India. Once this city was called Pataliputra, and in great antiquity was the capital city of India. Here the Teacher spent his childhood.

Shri Prakash Ji’s parents as role models of harmonious relationship created an environment of great spirituality in the family. They came from noble brahman families themselves, where Veda traditions have been faithfully followed: spiritual practices have been performed, prayers said, fasting observed and spiritual festivals celebrated. From very early years Prakash adopted the true perception of yoga.

Unlike his peers, already in the childhood, Prakash often kept contemplating and speaking about God and opted for meditation and solitude. Since he was a child, he has possessed knowledge and distinguished himself by insight typical of wise old men.

All sadhu and yogis who attended his parents’ house were greatly impressed by meeting Prakash. He always talked to people with great respect and love. All visitors realized how special Prakash was and listened to him attentively, as if he was more senior.

All the childhood and youth years which Prakash spent in India were full of pure aspiration to reach God and the Truth as well as filled with reflections on spirituality and people’s destiny.

In 1990 Prakash came to Russia and has lived there ever since. His outstanding qualities and Knowledge also attracted people in this country and they always approached him for help or advice. Thus, a few years later disciples emerged.

Many years have passed since the Teacher started conducting regular spiritual conversations (satsangs) to large audiences. In these conversations the essential sides of people’s lives are revealed: the meaning of life, its appropriate arrangement, the place of spirituality in modern society, working on yourself, health, relationships, children upbringing and other practical areas of life. Spirituality in the broad sense, as taught by Shri Prakash Ji, means that a person taking the spiritual path of life becomes happy, discovers joy, peace and love as well as achieves material success.

Beside regular satsangs and individual meetings with people in Moscow, the Teacher visits many Russian cities and towns as well as other countries. People keep coming to regular practices there also. Meetings with the Teacher attract people from different parts of the world and these people seek answers to bothering questions and ask for advice how to do yoga and how to perform spiritual practice.

The Teacher sees his disciples as his children who all are an extended spiritual family. He has welcomed and keeps welcoming people of different age, family and social status, different nations and countries. The Teacher is open to meeting every single seeker.



Individual meetings


26-28 December in Vilnius Centre of Spiritual Culture "Shri Prakash Dham"
The programme includes events such as Dipavali Festival, satsang, several days of individual meetings, as well as two evenings of guided meditation.
9 July, approximate start 8.45 London time