Our Teacher is a Sadguru. It is a soul who has not only gone through all the path of spiritual development, but is also leading thousands of people down this path towards the final and uppermost/foremost aim – refinement of the soul and full knowledge of the divine. Therefore all the willing can receive individual spiritual practice when meeting Guru Ji personally. During the meeting Guru Ji passes the most sacred – a personal mantra – to a disciple. Mantra is a syllable, word or phrase characterized by specific vibrations. Vibrations induced by any sounds have an apparent impact on human consciousness, whereas vibrations of sacred syllables, words or phrases, due to their exceptional power, soothe one‘s mind, purify the thoughts and refine the soul. Mantra is the path, following which, one frees himself from personal flaws and weaknesses; mantra is the strongest link with the Teacher, leading one towards the perfection. It cannot be same for everybody just as one medicine cannot heal various people with different diseases. Therefore it is crucial that one willing to learn mantra-meditation and develop spiritually would receive mantra from a genuine Spiritual Teacher – a soul who has himself experienced the essence of the mantra being given and understands its substantial purpose. When Guru Ji gives a mantra, he loads it with energy and characteristics that suits the recipient and his spiritual development best; he also explains how to chant it correctly and how to perform sadhana (personal spiritual practice).


26-28 December in Vilnius Centre of Spiritual Culture "Shri Prakash Dham"
The programme includes events such as Dipavali Festival, satsang, several days of individual meetings, as well as two evenings of guided meditation.
9 July, approximate start 8.45 London time